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22051TE-26 System Sensor Multisensor with Isolator

22051TE-26 System Sensor Multisensor with Isolator

Brand: System Sensor | Ref: 22051TE-26
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The revolutionary Series 200 Advanced range delivers
a totally new detector platform that incorporates the
new digital Series 200 Advanced Protocol. The new
Protocol delivers more devices on the loop and gives
greater control, configurability and device management
whilst enabling the overall system to be optimised to
the location and use of the building with far greater
flexibility than ever before.

The multi-criteria multi-sensor 22051TE Photo
Thermal detector uses thermal assistance to the core
photoelectric smoke detector to give enhanced false
alarm immunity and faster response to a wide range of
incipient fires. The plug-in unit combines two separate
sensing elements that are managed by embedded
software to act as a single unit. The 22051TE conforms
to EN54-5, a 58°C fixed temperature and rate of rise
thermal, with the smoke detection element conforming
to EN54-7.

The thermal detection function combines thermistor
technology with a software corrected linear temperature
response. In areas where the normal daytime activities
may potentially create unwanted alarms, the detector
can be programmed to operate in a “heat only” mode,
automatically reverting to full photo-thermal operation
during unoccupied periods.
The sensing elements of the 22051TE are panel
controllable so the sensitivity thresholds of each element
can be changed by the panel offering the ability to
customise the device for the changing use of the area it
is protecting. The 22051TE has two integral tri-colour
LEDs that provide 360° local visual indication of the
device status. The LEDs are programmable with static
or blinking red, amber and green status indications

All Series 200 Advanced detectors are environmentally
friendly and meet the WEEE and RoHS legislative
requirements, minimising end of life disposal costs, and
are mechanically and electrically backwards compatible
with existing Series 200 plus devices.