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Xpert7 Intelligent Mounting Base

Xpert7 Intelligent Mounting Base

Brand: Apollo | Ref: 45681-210APO
Xpert7 Intelligent Mounting Base suitable for XP95 and Discovery range products.
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All detectors in the XP95 and Discovery ranges fit onto the low insertion force Intelligent Mounting Base with stainless steel contacts for the detector terminals. XPERT7 cards are supplied with all bases.
  • XPERT addressing
  • One-way fit of detectors
  • Locking feature to prevent unauthorised detector removal
Cable connections of up to 2.5 mm diameter are made via captive cable clamps. There are four double terminals and a single one.

L1 - Line IN and OUT, double terminal.
L2+ - Line IN and OUT, double terminal.
+R - remote LED positive supply, double terminal
-R - remote LED negative supply, double terminal

The remaining single terminal is isolated and can be used to provide continuity of an earth or shield.