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Vigilon Compact 1-2 loop Control Panel

Vigilon Compact 1-2 loop Control Panel

Brand: Gent | Ref: COMPACT-PLUS
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Vigilon Plus Control Panels are available in 3 sizes managing 2, 4 or 6 loops
each accommodating up to 200 devices including advanced fire sensors,
interfaces, call points, alarm sounders and visual alarms.

The Compact Plus 2 loop panels and Vigilon Plus 4 loop panels are
available with integrated 24 hour standby and the 6 loop panel has full 72
hr standby capacity. Advanced networking options allow networking of up
to 200 panels in a multi-domain structure with options of copper or optic
fibre connections (Vigilon 4 & 6 Loop Panels only).

Vigilon’s back-lit LCD display presents clear indication of Fire or Fault
location and the control panel’s innovative 8-line x 40 character display
with push-button keypad is simple to use. Fire Plans can be tailored to
precisely meet site requirements.

Vigilon’s software allows network areas to be sectored to evacuate or alert
status, or configured with pre-set delays.